Smart Phones has brought a great shift in the technology especially the web development. These devices have so much influence in our daily life that we now want to do everything from our comfort zones. Early birds who realized the potential are already milking it. The biggest two mediums are IOS and Android.
In process of developing the mobile apps we follow the best practices that are being practiced by professionals around the globe. We develop user centric apps, taking onboard the stakeholders from very beginning, so that we can conceive the idea correctly. This help our customers to save huge money rather than following traditional ways of development and spending huge amount.


Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering. We will have at least one or more than one meeting with you to clearly understand the target of app. During this process we can improvise different requirement gathering techniques like survey, interview, journey maps etc.

Wireframe Creation

After gathering the requirement, a wireframe prototyping will help, to bring our customers with us on the same page. With wireframe prototype the customers can have feel of how it will look, and they will also save time and money.

Back End Development

  • Back-End Structure: Setting up backend structure and building block of the app.
  • User Management:  Managing user accounts and their authentications.
  • Server Side Logic: Developing server side logic of the app.
  • Customization of User Experience: Customizing the user experience for the user that how they will go through the app.
  • Data Integration: This allow user to access and share data with third party apps like social networking sites.
  • Push Notification Services: Development of push notification that engage the customer with the app.

Front End Development

  • Caching of Data: Develop the service that will cache the data and will speed up the app performance.
  • Synchronization of APP data: Bring the data to the app so it can be used offline.
  • Mockup and Wireframing: To get the clear picture of the app UI, use Mockup data and wireframing tools.
  • UI Design and Development: Design UI will be converted and developed into the functioning User Interface.
  • UI Improvements: Continuous Improvements by keeping the customers in loop.


Use different test methods and phases to test and fix bugs in app.


After detail testing finally deploy the application.


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