What kind of solutions for web and mobile do you provide?

As we have mentioned in our “Technologies we use” section of every service we provide, we cover most of the best technologies. Using these technologies with not much limitations we can build the web and mobile solutions. Because we believe in quality and customer satisfaction so much, we in the very beginning and after first consultation session will let you know that if our services can offer you a solution or not.

How much does it cost to hire your services?

We are providing really diverse services. From web based solution to mobile app development, design thinking, User Experience and Testing. It is difficult to state any particular amount, but we make sure that before the beginning of every project the complete price is transparent and our customers are satisfied with our quotations.

Why should we hire your services?

We have a complete section under the name of why us. We strongly advice you to please have a look at it. This will make you more comfortable, and will give you a clear picture why we are better and more professional then rest of our competitors.

I have an idea for an app. Will you build it?

We would love to help you. App development android ios or both is a giant business. Like any other business you need some investment build your business. We do not develop the sites for free, with the proposal to get paid later. Collaboration is something that we can think about, but we consider only the ideas that we think will be successful, which is very rare. This is also up to our discretion that we consider it or not. But if you have an idea we are ready to consult and guide you through different steps.

For start-ups, what offers do you have?

We know, as a start-up there are many constraints and people always struggle with budgets and other issues. In this regard, we will guide you through the processes that really work best with your budget constraint. Of-course we can also discuss about other possibilities that can bring us on common grounds.

How many changes can I make in website during development?

As many as you want. But there is something very important that you should consider before doing any changes. Because we are working on Agile methods, every change that you make after deciding a sprint will increase the backlog. If that backlog will increase it will also increase the time that is needed plus resources. So, we allow you to make changes as many times as you want but before starting a sprint, and of-course that can add more cost to you budget. For that reason, we encourage our customers to do design thinking before they start development, so they know exactly what they are going to achieve and reduce the costs for them.

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