MKA is a group of well experienced and qualified technology, business and IT experts. Our passion towards modern day technologies and problems that people have embracing it, has brought us together on one platform which is MKA. We have experience and energy to provide our customers with solutions of their dreams. In a diverse team from different parts of the world we are helping the companies and individuals to design and develop user centric products to bring innovation and creativity in different processes and problems of modern day life.
The team MKA share a sum of 15 yearsexperience between themselves. Working in different industries and business processes from wholesale industry to transportation and software development, we have gained the expertise in providing a stable solution with better usability and well thought out structure. Our engagement with customers throughout the project development and lifecycle management, provides our customers the sense of satisfactions that their babies are in safe hands.

Founder Experience

The man at the steering wheel of MKA ship has well over 10 years of experience in business and tech industry. He is passionate about the tech driven industry and always think about new ways, which can help leverage the technology to ease the life of end user. As he said

"Our generation has seen the world taken over by technology. Traditional methods of running a business are obsolete. If you want to run a business that stands all the challenges of this century, then you must embrace the methods, techniques and tools of modern days.Otherwise you do not stand a chance against the pace of development. This is exactly the point that motivated me to step up and together with my customers, carve a better future".

In today's development market, we have identified some pitfalls that can be mission critical and would probably be resource and time consuming. It is important to identify them, and to make sure that our best practices avoid such issues and have a transparent end to end process.

Non-Responsive too slow
Technical Limitation
Poor Communications
Overpromised misled Deadlines
Activities without authorization
Common Understanding
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